SAPPD ITB encourages Human Resources Capacity Building

One of the efforts to encourage sustainable capacity building of human resources at SAPPD ITB is through a Workshop on International Journal Writing and Technical Guidance for the Preparation of Credit Points for Position Promotion, on Wednesday, 5 December 2018 started at 09:00 at Hotel de Braga, Bandung.
This activity was attended by the entire lecturers and academic assistants of SAPPD ITB by inviting the following resource persons: Director of Directorate of Human Resources, Suharto, SH, Prof. Tommy Firman and Prof. Widjaja Martokusumo.
During the session of Technical Guidance for the Preparation of Credit Points for Position Promotion there was an active and productive interaction among the participants with the resource persons. Similar atmosphere also occurred during the session of International Journal Writing with high degree of participant enthusiasm and good interactive discussions with the resource persons. Through this event, participants obtained plenty of benefits from the experiences and guidelines of the resource persons as the basis for scientific writing at an International Journal.
The closing presentation was delivered by the Vice Dean for Resources, who wished that this event can be organized again in the future considering the benefit can be obtained from it.

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