Participation of SAPPD ITB on the National Disaster Readiness Day

To commemorate National Disaster Readiness Day, ITB Security, Health, Safety and Environment Unit (K3L-ITB) in cooperation with Disaster Mitigation Research Center and ITB Student Community conducted “Safety Drill, Earthquake and Fire Evacuation” on Friday, 27 April 2018 at  ITB Ganesha Campus and ITB Jatinangor Campus.

This event was a mandatory for the entire ITB community: academic staff, non-academic staff, and students including ITB guests. In principle, this activity is a training/simulation for individual readiness in facing real disaster situation, so that each individual is capable of saving their lives with the proper attitude.

The event was started by an illustration of an earthquake, marked with the sound of siren by the K3L-ITB. All building occupants were conditioned not to be panic and to be able to save themselves, for instance by taking cover underneath a table, protecting their heads with soft materials (pillow, hand bag, etc.), avoiding themselves from things that are potential to harm them (cupboard, book shelves, ceiling, etc.). Then, captain floor instructed individuals to abandon the building toward “the designated assembly point” by walking through evacuation route that had been determined, and walking down the stairs (not the elevator)

At the SAPPD, the event was followed well and smoothly by all building occupants. After all occupants gathered at the assembly point, the SAPPD building manager, Alhilal Furqan, Ph.D. declared that the building was safe. Prior to the closing, Dr. Harkunti P. Rahayu (Head of the Indonesian Disaster Experts Association, SAPPD lecturer) delivered messages as follows:

  • ITB is located in the Bandung Basin which geologically is within an área with high potency of earthquake. Therefore, we are always urged to have a high level of readiness and awareness in facing the possibility of an earthquake.
  • Through this exercise, it is expected that participants can evaluate their behavior and attitude whenever a real earth quake takes place while we are inside the building.

In addition, evaluation was also applied to environmental supporting facilities from time to time, such as evacuation route of each building, accessibility of the assembly point, etc.

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