A Guest Lecturer for PL-4005 Kapita Selekta Course

PL-4005 Kapita Selekta Course in its 12th meeting invited Dr. Budiarti as guest lecture. Dr. Budiarti, from Knowledge Sector Indonesia (KSI), introduced the importance of knowledge management as the main base in ushering development from Middle Income Countries to higher level.

The current condition of knowledge management is still constrained by limited funding allocation for knowledge creation, the actors involved, and regulation that still favors the dominant of government role. The ‘Development Worker’ profession urges advocacy sectors on the changes in knowledge management in Indonesia and appreciates knowledge as the base of a proof for policy development in Indonesia.

This course provides a depiction on the width of planning science practices. In each meeting, a different subject was discussed with a selected topic to be discussed. Various cases presented by field practitioners will provide deep understanding that theory, process, subject, and method of planning are various, which require consistency and a clear point of view.


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