The 3rd Planocosmo; International Conference [26-27 October 2015]

Planning concerns with various problems of regions and cities to create functional and better living conditions. It learns from the past and understands current situation to create a better future. Managing crises and uncertainty has become an important issue in planning. It even becomes part of main activities. In increasingly complex and interdependent world, nations and communities have to encounter rapid and unpredictable changes sometimes with detrimental social and economic impacts. In this situation, appropriate and innovative solutions have to be found to survive in the current and future economic and environment crises. Sound management of social systems has to be undertaken along with appropriate structural or technical solutions. To survive the crisis, resiliency of regions and cities has become an important quest. It will determine ability to continue development and eventually to sustain societies in the developed and the developing worlds. With this background in mind, we call concerned planners, engineers, social scientists and practitioners to share ideas, knowledge, and experience for creating wider benefits for our societies in this planocosmo and SSMS joint conference that will be conducted under collaboration between Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Institute Technology of Bandung and the Society of Social Management System.

The ultimate goal of this conference is to create better understanding and synergy between proponents of regional and city planning and management of social systems.

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