Participation of SAPPD at the ITB Open House 2016

BANDUNG, –In nearly 100 years of its existence, ITB is still a favorite university of Indonesian people. With its various scholarly groups, ITB has produced experts in science, engineering, art and business. On Friday-Saturday, 16-17 December 2016, ITB held Education Open House with the purpose of introducing education system in ITB to the general public. The exhibition at the East Hall was attended by approximately 2500 visitors each day. The visitors were high school students who were eager to know education in ITB. This open house has attracted visitors from Bandung, Jakarta, and even from outer Java. Mr. Rahmat was one of the visitors who accompanied his son from Jakarta to learn the education system in ITB.

Ask the expert

This open house consists of outlets from twelve faculties of ITB. In addition, there were also outlets of graduate school and Cirebon and Jatinangor campuses. In those outlets there are faculty members from each faculty explaining the study program in each respective faculty. In addition, each faculty also presented the works and instruments typical of each study program. For example, building scale model by SAPPD, telescope from Faculty of Mathematics of Natural Sciences, binoculars by School of Life Sciences and Technology, a model of bridge by Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, batik fabric by Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, and posters of scientific researches from each faculty. The display attracted visitors to ask further. Visitors asked about Common Preparatory Level (TPB), curriculum, career prospect, and even issues related to science within the faculty.



Besides displaying the outlets, visitors could attend presentation on each faculty by lecturers of the faculty. The presentation was divided into two parts, i.e. presentation at the main hall of the East Hall and presentation in a small room behind the East Hall. Presentation in the East Hall has never been devoid of visitors who sat to listen to the presentation carefully. After the presentation of each faculty, visitors could express their curiosity to the lecturers during the question session. It is expected that through this Open House, high school students could obtain knowledge of education in ITB prior to the admission of new students.

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