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Economic System & Modelling

Economic system and modelling is a research division that collected faculty members with experience and interest in infrastructure planning, marketing management, economic visual modeling and economic development system.

Set up in 2013, this research division intends to help government and decision maker in term of policy analysis. The research group strives to sort out complicated chains of cause and effect and influence between the numerous interacting elements in an economy involving various agencies and institutions that are linked within the system. Supported by highly competent human resources, this group seeks to provide insights for a better and sustainable finance and economic organizations.

Key specialization: Infrastructure planning, economic and infrastructure management, economic modelling and methodology, economic development system, economic theory, Aggregate Supply – Aggregate Demand (AS/AD) model, loanable funds model, simulation model, and the IS/LM Model.




SE. (UGM), M.EcDev. (ANU), Dr.Eng. (Tokyo).
Regional and city economics; transportation economics.


Yogi Makbul

Ir., MS., Dr. (Unpad).
Agriculture economics.


Ade Triyasa

Associate Professor
SE. (Univ. Pattimura), MSi. (Unpad).
Environmental economics


Pringgo Dwiyantoro

Associate Professor
SE. (Unpad), MM. (Univ. ARS Internasional Bandung), MSi. (Unpad).
Cooperatives, small and medium enterprises; regional and urban economics; economic development; community based development; management and policy.



Assistant Professor
S.Pd. (STKIP), MM. (Unwim), Dr. (Unpad).
Economic / Marketing Management


Deni Nugraha

Assistant Professor
SE. (STIE YPKP), MSi. (Unpad).
Economic development


Edi Kusniadi

Assistant Professor
Ir. (Unwim), MP. (Unpad).
Fiscal economics; economic development.



Assistant Professor
SE. (STIE- YPKP ), MM. (Unwim).
Fiscal policy; Economic development.


Kartib Bayu

Assistant Professor
Ir. (Unwim), MSi. (Unpad), Dr (Unpad).
Small and medium enterprises; entrepreneurial economics.


Siti Herni Rochana

Assistant Professor
Ir. (IPB), MSi. (IPB), Dr. (Unpad).
Regional and urban economics; decentralization; fiscal policy; spatial economics



Ir. (ITB), MT. (ITB).
Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Planning





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International Proceedings
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