Jurnal Internasional 2007


Penulis Judul dan Jurnal
Tommy Firman, Benedictus Kombaitan, Pradono The Dynamics of Indonesia’s Urbanisation, 1980-2006 ; Urban Policy and Research, Volume 25, Issue 4 December 2007, pages 433-454
Sulfikar Amir Symbolic Power in Technocratic Regime: the Reign of B.J. Habibie in the New Order Indonesia, “Sojourn: ; Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia. 22(1): 83-106. 2007
Sulfikar Amir Nationalist Rhetoric and Technological Development the Aircraft Industry in Indonesia ; Technology in Society. 27(3). In Press. 2007
Delik Hudalah, Haryo Winarso, dan Johan Woltjer “Peri-urbanisation in East Asia: A new challenge for planning?” International Development Planning Review (IDPR), 29(4) 2007
Delik Hudalah, dan Johan Woltjer Spatial Planning System in Transitional Indonesia; with Woltjer, J. International Planning Studies, 12 (3), 291 – 303. 2007

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