Dean’s Courtesy Visit To Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Accompanied by Associate Dean for Resources, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sri Maryati, Dean of School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Prof. Widjaja Martokusumo, paid a courtesy visit to College of Sciences and Engineering (Department of Policy Science) and to College of Policy Science University of Ritsumeikan from 22 till 24 April 2019. Ritsumeikan University has been one of SAPPD’s strategic partner for more than a decade, and the academic co-operation between both institutions was started already in 2006. The Urban and Regional Planning Program has been working since then on the Linkage Program, which has been also in counterpart and supported with BAPPENAS (The National Planning Board). Apart of this special Linkage Program, other programs, such as student and faculty exchange have also been organized since then.

The schedule of the visit was firstly started on 22 April 2019 with the meeting with Assoc. Prof. Shimizu, Prof. Hashimoto and Assoc. Prof. Kim Dowon (College of Science and Engineering) at the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus in regard to the participation of Ritsumeikan students in the coming SAPPD’s Summer Camp 2019. Summer Camp, which will be held from 19-25 August 2019 in Bandung, is a special interdisciplinary program of SAPPD and that is usually offered to participants/students within SAPPD, to other faculties student of ITB, and to overseas strategic partners of ITB as well. Such collaborative workshop has been annually run since 2012. Possibility of extending the spectrum of such collaborative program was also discussed in the meeting. The second meeting took place on 23 April 2019, also held in the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus, and was attended by the newly elected Dean of College of Science and Engineering, Prof. Shigeru Takayama (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Vice Dean Prof. Takamoto Itoh (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Prof. Ichiki Atsushi. In the beginning of this session, Prof. Martokusumo held a brief presentation on SAPPD and is continued with Q/A and discussion in the second session. The final last meeting was held in the just five years old Ibaraki Campus Ritsumeikan University on 24 April 2019. Prof. Martokusumo and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maryati met Assoc. Prof. Yusuke Toyoda, PhD (Department of Policy Science) and Ms. Keiko Okui (Office of International Affairs at Ibaraki Campus). Several important academic issues have also been discussed, such as participation in Summer Camp (a problem-based learning activity), Exchange Program for 2020 and the acknowledgment of courses taken at the Ritsumeikan University (credit transfer). A visit to a student dormitory and to the Central Library at the Ibaraki Campus was also part of the scheduled agenda, including to the newly finished supporting facility (prayer room) for Indonesian/overseas student fellows.

During the visits to both campus Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maryati and Prof. Martokusumo had also the opportunity to see both ITB’s graduate students of Linkage Program and undergraduate students of Exchange Program. In the gathering session, students shared their experiences in attending courses, problem-based learning and participating graduate’s program weekly seminar. In total, there are currently six master students of Linkage Program and six under graduate students of Exchange Program. All of them are student from the Urban and Regional Planning program at SAPPD ITB, and they are all scheduled to finish their program in September 2019.

Meeting with Assoc. Prof. Shimizu at Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

Reception by Prof. Shigeru Takayama and Prof. Takamoto Itoh (Dean and Vice Dean College of Sciences and Engineering), Prof. Ichiki Atsushi at Biwako-Kusatsu Campus), Mr. Michinari Fujiri (Assistant Administrator Manager)




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