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Congratulation ! The Student of Architecture ITB Win The Honorable Mentions Of The Dwelling 2023 Architecture Competition

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A Honorable Mentions THE DWELLING 2023 ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION An International Competition of Matrix “Breathing Life into Neglect: Abandoned Building Redesign and Infill”.

Revitalization that involves the adaptive reuse of abandoned buildings that have lost their original functions and have been left behind by time. The architectural integration centers around utilizing and existing with an 8×8 meters grid, a commonly used grid in design of social services buildings all around Indonesia. Within this grid, infill modules are strategically positioned to maximize spatial efficiency living spaces. These modules are constructed from prefabricated eco-modules, with processed used wood as the primary material, ensuring sustainability and resource efficiency. The design also takes into account the “After Fire Effect”, where the mass of the building adjust to the availability of the existing building remains after a previous fire, allowing for a harmonious blend of old and new elements in a sustainable, adaptable, and eco-friendly living environment.

Designed by:

  1. Fabian Hosea
  2. Frederick William
  3. Regita Pramesthi

Academic Adviser:

  1. Dr. Allis Nurdini, S.T, M.T.
  2. Ir. Tri Yuwono, M.T.

Congratulations for all the winner ! We are appreciate and proud for your achievement. Keep inspiring.

These are the design:

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