Faculty Staff

 bk Prof. B. Kombaitan, Ir., M.Sc., Dr. (Head of Group)
Research Interest: Development Management in Land Use, Transportation, and its Environmental-related issues
Email : benk@pl.itb.ac.id
 jp Johnny Patta, Ir., MURP., PhD Candidate
Research Interest: Metropolitan Governance, Development Finance, Urban Politics, Local Politics, Urban Finance, Local Public Finance, Fiscal Impact Analysis, Policy Analysis
Email : jpatta@pl.itb.ac.id
 sy Sonny Yuliar, Ir., Dr.
Research Interest: Technology governance and policy, innovation and development policy, actor-network theory
Email : yuliar@tf.itb.ac.id
 ao Andi Oetomo, Ir., M.Pl.
Research Interest: Public policy planning; development institutions and financing; disaster management; coastal development management; conflict management in planning
Email : aoetomo@pl.itb.ac.id
 su Suhirman, Drs.,SH.,MT., Dr.
Research Interest: Participatory planning; public policy and budgeting; community based development; institutional design and development; the role of CSOs and NGOs in development
Email : eshm2009@gmail.com
HARKUNTI PERTIWI RAHAYU Harkunti P. Rahayu, Ir., Ph.D.
Research Interest: Disaster Risk Reduction Master Planning, Damage Reduction System, Contingency Planning for City, EWS/ Early Warning System, Preparedness
Email: harkunti@gmail.com
Happy P. Fadjaruddin A, Ir., MT., Dr.
Research Interest: Public Policy, Public Administration, Urban Management
Email: happyfadjar@yahoo.com
Ridwan, Ir., MT.
Research Interest: Transportation Planning
Hanry Kurnia Lasifa, ST., MT.
Research Interest: Urban Design, Disaster Risk Mitigation, Tourism Planning
Email: handry.ik@gmail.com
Adenantera Dwicaksono, ST., M.Dev.St.
Research Interest: Public policy analysis; public budgeting; fiscal decentralization; health policy; health disparity; econometric modeling; spatial econometric; statistical programming; policy evaluation
Email: adenant@sappk.itb.ac.id
Puspita Dirgahayani, ST., M.Eng, Dr.Eng
Research Interest: Urban planning; urban transportation policy and management; Transport Oriented Development
Email: puspita.dirgahayani@gmail.com
Alhilal Furqon, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Tourism planning; urban and regional planning; sustainable tourism planning
Email: bunghill@gmail.com
Nurrohman Wijaya, ST., MT., M.Sc. 
Research Interest: Urban and regional planning; infrastructure planning; urban environmental management; climate change adaptation in urban area
Email: nuroc_2000@yahoo.com
Karina Putri, ST., M.A.
Research Interest: Public management and governance; public finance; metropolitan governance; comparative politics; institutional theory
Email: karina_putri@yahoo.com
Tizar Muhammad Kautsar Bijaksana, ST., MT. 
Research Interest: Participatory Planning, Planning Theory, Institutional Design
Email: tizarbijaksana@gmail.com / tizar@pl.itb.ac.id

Academic Assistants

Tri Rahayu Wulansari, ST, MT
Email: echa.trirahayu@gmail.com
TARLA Tarlani, ST, MT
Email: tarlani.tarlani@gmail.com
IMG_00562-3 Qurrata Aini, ST
Email: qurr.aini13@gmail.com
Pas Foto-Hansen (1) Hansen Sutanto, ST
Email: hansen.sutanto@gmail.com
foto disini Aditya Purnomo Aji, ST
Email: adityapurnomo1@gmail.com