To carry out its activities, the school has representative buildings including: The faculty officeas the workplace for the Dean, Vice Dean and the Staff including the Head of Administration, Finance Section, Facilities Section, Academic Affairs Section, and Information System Section.

Rooms for the heads and the secretaries of study programs, the heads of research groups, lecturers, meetings, studio, seminars, presentation, exams and laboratory are located in the buildings of Regional and City Planning, Architecture and Development Study.

Exhibitions room are located in the Architecture Building.

The area of the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development:


Name Space


1 Lecture hall 1,032.44 sq. meters
2 Laboratory/Studio 2,983.41 sq. meters
3 Library 515,89 sq. meters
4 Extra-curricular activities 50,60 sq. meters
5 Offices/administration 410,13 sq. meters
6 Hotspot (Access Point and Wireless Router) 27 pieces