Research activity in the School is maintained at a high level by 9 (nine) Research Groups, covering key areas as follows:

1. Regional and Rural Planning

- Planning and development of metropolitan area
- Planning and development of remote area
- Core-periphery relation
- Management of Indonesia’s maritime continent

2. Urban Planning and Design

- Academic concept of town planning standard
- Urban housing and land development
- Peri-urban development
- Development of urban economic basis

3. Regional and Urban Infrastructure System

- Infrastructure system engineering and sustainability of regional and urban development
- Institutional development and the financing of infrastructure development
- Development of access to Infrastructure services

4. Development Management and Policy Planning

- Metropolitan Management
- Strategic Planning and Management
- Disaster Management
- Public Sector Management
- Public Policy Analysis

5. Architectural Design

- Cultural and ecological design
- High density living
- Digital architecture

6. Building Technology

- Appropriate building technology
- Energy efficient building

7. Housing and Human Settlement

-Morphology, transformation of settlement and dwelling process
-Housing construction process and habitability
-Housing demands, needs and preferences
-Community based housing and settlement

8. Architectural History, Theory and Criticism

- Transformation of dwelling culture
- Architecture and contemporary lifestyle
- Historiography of Indonesian architecture

9. Economics System and Modelling Research

- Model Design Product and Development Strategy
- Road Infrastructure relationships and dependencies