Syllabus 2013 Undergraduate Architecture

No Code Course Brief Syllabus
1 AR1101 The Fundamentals of Planning and Design This course introduces the knowledge, process and prospects in the fields of regional and city planning, and architectural design.
2 AR 2190 Architectural Design Studio I This course consists of excercises’ series which is supported with instructional lectures of graphic presentation basic, observation basic, measurement, recording and appreciation, construction, and small building design.
3 AR2120 Building Construction and Materials Studio1 This studio provides an understanding and drawing skills on the construction of building component in two structural systems: frame and bearing walls, using basic building materials such as wood, concrete and steel.
4 AR 2111 Architectural Appreciation This course explains the techniques and the process of conducting a visual appreciation of the architectural works based on physical factors and non-physical factors that play a role in the realization of the architecture.
5 AR 2112 Architectural Design Principles This course explains the principles of architectural design, including the principles of functionality, aesthetic, constructibility, sturdy, safety, efficient, economics, environmentally friendly, culturally sensitive, social justice, sustainable, conservation.
6 AR2121 Fundamentals of Building Structure This course delivers the knowledge about the principles of building structure and the basics of mechanic
7 AR2131 Architectural History and Tradition of the World This course provides the basic knowledge of architecture in the world, especially Western architecture and its development with an emphasis on social context (social, cultural, political and economic) as well as the theory and formation of architecture
8 AR 2141 Sustainable Built Environment This course is intended to develop bright horizon about Natural Ecosystem and Principal of Sustainable Environmental Concepts and Development, also to build awareness about its importance for all living creature.
9 AR2290 Architectural Design Studio II This course consists of excercises’ series which is supported with instructional lectures of two-storey building designs, including residential building, as well as working drawing.
10 AR2250 Architectural Computation Studio This course introduces students to architectural design and computation through the use of computer modeling and rendering. The course focuses on the understanding the concept and workflow of software for 3D modeling, CAD drawing and rendering as tools for design process, presentation and documentation
11 AR2210 Space and Form Organization Studio This course discusses composition principle and trains student’s ability to make two-dimentional architectural form composition, architectural space and form composition, single and multiple objects’ composition based on several consideration and approaches
12 AR 2211 Architectural Design Theory This course is aimed to introduce basic theories of architectural design as source for the students to develop criteria to assess design process of house or equals.
13 AR 2212 Human Behavior and Architectural Design This course discusses the relationship between human behavior, bulding, and environment; and the understanding of indoor and outdoor space design, which answer the user’s need in human scale
14 AR 2231 History and Tradition of Architecture in Indonesian The course provides introductory knowledge and base for appreciation on the indigeneous Nusantara architecture (the Southeast Asian archipelago) and Asia
15 AR 3190 Architectural Design Studio III This Studio is intended to facilitate an architectural design exercises of 2-3 stories single urban infill building and the 2-3 stories sub urban compound of public buildings.
16 AR3110 Site Planning and Design Studio This course discusses relation and quality between building and its surroundings. This also provides exercises to train how to plan and design the site.
17 AR3120 Building Construction and Materials Studio II This studio provides knowledge about the characteristics and requirements of building materials and the application for construction elements in building and knowledge of the manufacturing process as well as an understanding of the technologies / methods of building
18 AR 3121 Building Physics Learn about the logics, principles and concepts of comfort and health within the building include aspects of lighting / lighting, thermal, acoustics and the impact of building materials, for the purpose of designing a building to a comfortable and healthy
19 AR 3131 History of Architectural Typologies This course discusses the definition, concept, development of architectural typology based on shapes, space konfigurations and functions of buildings.
20 AR3111 Principles of Landscape Architecture The objective of this course is to provide students with basic knowledge of landscape architecture elements related to architecture and public open space.
21 AR 3122 Appropriate Architecture In this lecture, studied architecture correspond with social, cultural and economy of local communities, with physical environment such as climate, natural resources and energy, and with ability of local management and technology.
22 AR 3132 Historic Building Documentation This course describes several types of architectural documentation techniques through rapid assessment, sketch, photograhpy, building measurement and measured drawing documents production.
23 AR 3290 AR 3290 Architectural Design Studio IV This Studio is facilitating design exercises of 2-3 stories buildings on the sloping area. Another exercise is designing 6 to 8 stories buildings on the flat area in the urban context with focus on building system.
24 AR3250 Structure and Form Studio This course delivers the correlation between structure, form and material. The students will be inspired to produce innovative forms using structural approach such as frame system, active-plate and form-active, as well as non structural approaches.
25 AR 3221 Building Services A study on building system and building services (utility) and factors relevant for habitation and ability to integrated them into architectural design
26 AR 3222 Construction Project Management Study the design and project management of construction projects with the aim of being able to plan and control the project design and construction projects
27 AR 3241 Housing and Settlements Design The course contains: 1) Type of housing and settlement (HS) development, 2) HS design’s factors-issues, 3) HS design’s main principles, 4) HS design’s major activities, 5) HS design’s concept implementation.
28 AR 3211 Introduction to Architectural Research This course discusses the position and function of research in architectural design, and methods of data collection and data analysis for planning (programming) and architectural design.
29 AR 3231 Colonial Architecture This course gives knowledge about the development of colonial architecture in Indonesia. The topic of discussion are colonial cities, styles and fortresses constructed during the colonial era.
30 AR 3232 Indonesian Architecture Post Independency This course discusses social, cultural, technological, economical and political contexts whichmotivate architectural design in Indonesia after independence,in order to stimulate students in establishing self performance in architectural design
31 AR 3242 Housing and Settlement Typomorphology A course introducing the vocabulary of form and spatial products of housing and settlements. Understanding housing and settlements as the totality of diverse layers (morphological, sociological and symbolic) at various scales (dwelling unit, urban, city and regional areas), with transformation over periods of time.
32 AR 4090 Architectural Design Studio V This studio train the ability to write program and ​​design idea that responds to high-density urban context. and design comprehensively for medium-rise buildings with mixed use typology (including residential function)
33 AR 4050 Final Project Preparation Practice skills of Final Project ideas development and locations, assuming the owner, practice the ability of students to process programming stage, and making a final synopsis of the proposed Final Project
34 AR 4051 Comprehensive Examination This course train and test a variety of basic knowledge that has been studied and should be known by students to mid-semester 7
35 AR4151 Architecture Seminar The lecture serves as a means for students to actively participate in a forum (seminar) of a scientific nature that discuss various topics in architecture.
36 AR 4111 Introduction to Urban Design The objective of this course is to provide students with basic knowledge of urban design elements related to architecture and public space, so as to become familiar with and understand the design aspects of urbanism and public realm.
37 AR 4121 Algorithmic Approach in Design This course introduces the understanding of algorithmic based design process for form generation
38 AR 4141 Community Participation in Housing Planning and Design This course explores the various approaches and methods of community participation in housing planning and design, with the objective for participants to understand the principles of housing planning and design within a participatory approach.
39 AR 4142 Introduction to Real Estate Equipping knowledge jobs in Real Estate-RE. There are two points of view: from developer (goals and how business practices are run RE) and from government (RE entrepreneurship enabled and controlled).
40 AR 4099 Final Design Project The course consists of integrated and conceptual design exercises by overtaking all design stages from problem identification and formulation, strategy choice, concept explanation and design creation that in line with requirement.
41 AR-4052 Architects Professional Practice This course discusses about the profession of architect and other related professions, to prepare the students for internship and to facilitate the students to present their experiences in front of the fellow students.
42 AR 4113 Architecture and Urbanism This course discusses urbanism phenomena from architectural perspective. This course contains urban architecture review, social constructivism theories about urban place, and several urbanism cases and the role of architecture
43 AR4231 Architectural Criticism This course discusses the concepts and principles of architectural criticism, trains students the ability to critique the design of buildings and of the built-environment.
44 AR4212 Preservation of Historic Buildings and Sites This course introduces the issue of historic continuity in architecture and environmental design, through a methodology for statement of cultural significance. Heritage case-studies provide understanding of design approaches and principles in maintaining and enhancing spirit of place.
45 AR4221 Building Economics This course studying the economic aspects that need to be considered in the design of the building as well as learning some of the methods of building economic analysis
46 AR 4222 Introduction to BIM in Architecture This lecture introduces the concept of BIM and its approach towards architectural design by shifting from draw to assemble. The key concept of integration of information is excercised through tutorial and project samples.
47 AR 4232 Architecture of Islam This course introduces the relationship of Islam as an entity of the system of ideology, tradition, history, culture and civilization with its architecture and built environment.
48 AR 4241 Settlements for Low-Income Society This lecture discusses issues and problems in Settlements for Low-Income Society, in developing countries, and particularly in Indonesia


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