Syllabus 2013 Doctor Program Transportation

No Code Course Brief Syllabus
1 TR7001 Transport System Analysis This subject objective is to equip the student with knowledge and understanding regarding elements of transportation system and how to analyse the relation among those elements in order to measure transport performance.
2 TR7002 Qualification To demonstrate the potential topic and research plan written in his/her pre- proposal.
3 TR7002 Proposal Preparation Understand what will be studied for a dissertation by making a proposal, so in the end students are able to produce a proposal that indicates the direction and organization of research.
4 TR7004 Philosophy of Science This lecture provides the students principles development of philosophy of science in relation with transport planning and policy.
5 TR7005 Research Methodology Research methodology provides the ability to do research in general, and provide direction on the research development in the field of transportation.
6 Advanced Transportation Modelling The overall aim is to develop an understanding of the different approaches to modelling the consequences of transportation planning and policy decisions.
7 TR7102 Transport Policy Analysis The concept of policy analysis and implementation mechanism of transportation policy, analyzing causal effect, policy analysis concept, ethics and transportation system decision making process.
8 TR7201 Seminar of Transport Contemporary Policies This lecture provides the students principles development contemporary transport policies.
9 TR7202 Seminar on Sustainable Transportation This course aimed at overall understanding the concept and practice of sustainable transportation.
10 TR8001 Research Progress Seminar 1 The students prepare research designs so that they could understand the technical aspects in conducting a more structured research.
11 TR8002 Research Progress Seminar 2 It is the stage of progress and reporting survey results. Students understand the issues related to the survey that has been undertaken both technically and substance.
12 TR9001 Research Progress Seminar 3 Students interpret and analyse the data collected.
13 TR9002 Research Progress 4 Students write down their dissertation draft.
14 TR9003 Dissertation Defense Students defend their dissertation before a panel of examiner.

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