Syllabus 2013 Doctor Architecture

No Code Course Brief Syllabus
1 AR7101 Architectural Colloquium Theoretical and substantial explorations of specific knowledge to be developed by the students as their research topics, which are presented in systematic, coherent and critical ways, in front of an open seminar.
2 AR7102 Architectural Research Methodology This course offers knowledge and skills required to set up an appropriate research strategy in architectural field, including the selection of approach, research framework, research design, method, instrument and technique of analysis.
3 AR7201 Quantitative Data Analysis This course discusses data analysis methods frequently used in the study of architecture, conceptually, and its application in the research of architecture.
4 AR7202 Qualitative Data Analysis This course offers the student with deeper understanding and acquirement of skills on methods and techniques of qualitative data analysis relevant to research in the architectural field.
5 AR7299 Proposal Writing The writing of dissertation research proposal based on topic selected by each student, complying to the standardized format and writing instruction.

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