Syllabus 2013 Master Program Architecture Landscape

No Code Course Brief Syllabus
1 AL5100 Landscape Architecture Studio 1 This studio gives exercises of landscape design’s basic principles on limited scale of neighborhood parks. Focus on the design will be restricted to engineering problems and considered the basic principles of ecology.
2 AL5101 History & Theory of Landscape Architecture This course provides understanding of the world’s Landscape Architecture histories, which emphasized on design aspects and those that affect them, such as geography, geology and socio-economic and cultural condition.
3 AL5102 Technology and Landscape Engineering This course provides basic understanding of landscape surface’s characteristics and factors that contribute to their changes.
4 AL5200 Landscape Architecture Studio 2 On this studio, students are trained to have skills for critical design thinking to environmental problems and potentials within regional context (approximately 150 Ha). Substantially, the program emphasizes on programming aspects and natural resources planning.
5 AL5201 Design Methods for Landscape Architecture This course discusses principles and methods in landscape planning and design (quantitative and qualitative), which comprises of case study, comparative study, historical study, analytical and synthetic approach.
6 AL5202 Ecology for Landscape Architecture This course covers ecological principles and their application for designing landscape as well as provide overview on characteristics of important ecosystem types in Indonesia
7 AL6100 Studio Landscape Architecture 3 This studio gives emphasis on a region’s management aspect, as a basis for landscape planning and design process
8 AL6101 Professional Ethics This course consists of landscape architect professional works discussion, with the emphasis on professional ethics that control work relation between landscape architects and related parties.
9 AL6099 Final Project This course is the last course that consists of independent design project. Students are given the freedom to choose a final project with guidance from two supervisors.
10 AL5103 Plants and Landscape Design This course is conducted to introduce plants’ characters, as well as to explore their spatial and visual quality, which can be utilized as design elements in site’s and region’s scale. In this course, interaction between ecological functions and their advantages in landscape engineering is studied.
11 AL6102 Landscape Architecture in the Developing Country This course shows how Landscape Architecture knowledge and expertise can contribute to main issues in developing countries, especially in Indonesia. The main issues ranging from tourism potential, ex-mining site reclamation, and disaster mitigation caused by careless human attitude towards sustainability of nature, which affects on climate change and global warming.

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