A Visit by Prof. Chris Silver, University of Florida-Gainsville to SAPPD ITB

Prof. Chris Silver PhD, from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, College for Design, Construction and Planning (DCP), University of Florida (UF) visited SAPPD ITB on 22 February 2019 at the invitation of the Dean of SAPPD ITB, Prof. Widjaja Martokusumo. The meeting was attended by the Head of the Undergraduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning, Dr. Ridwan Sutriadi, Head of the Master and Doctoral Program in Architecture and Master Program in Urban Design, Dr.Ing. Heru W. Poerbo, and Shanty Y. Rachmat, Ph.D. (Regional and City Infrastructure System Research Group. The interaction between Prof. Chris Silver and ITB has begun in 1992 when Prof. Silver was Fulbright Senior Lecturer at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

The meeting that was held at the SAPPD Deanery Meeting Room from 09:00 – 11:00 discussed a number of strategic issues, i.e. 1) the proposal for the Honorary Professor ITB degree to Prof. Chris Silver, 2) the plan for a general lecture by Prof. Chris Silver in Semester II 2018-2019 at SAPPD ITB, and 3) the follow up of cooperation between SAPPD ITB and College for Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida. Within the last decade, a number of activities in Education cooperation have been done such as student exchange and Pangkalpinang joint studio in 2015-2016  (https://sappk.itb.ac.id/joint-studio-workshop-penataan-bangunan-dan-lingkungan- pemkot-pangkalpinang-itb-university-of-florida-australia/https://sappk.itb.ac.id/penandatanganan-nota-kesepahaman-antara-pemerintah-kota-pangkalpinang-dengan-itb-2/ dan https://sappk.itb.ac.id/penandatanganan-naskah-perjanjian-kerjasama-antara-dekan-sappk-itb-kepala-dinas-tata-kota-pangkalpinang/).

This visit to ITB becomes the initial step in the extention of cooperation document between ITB and the University of Florida. Further discussion will be held in March 2019 coincides with the visit of Dr. Michael Kung, representative of the University of Florida. It is expected that the meeting will re-strengthen academic cooperation with the University of Florida and reestablish the possibility of cooperation with educational institutions in the United States.


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