Participation of SAPPD ITB Contingent at the Sporting and Hospitality Events for the 60th Anniversary of ITB, Year 2019

Sporting and Hospitality events are ITB annual activities held to celebrate ITB anniversary. This year marks the 60th anniversary of ITB. The participants are the entire ITB community and the activities are held at ITB Sporting Facilities, Jl. Tamansari 73, Bandung from 15 February until 10 March, 2019.
The sporting activities to be competed in this event include Men’s and Women’s Volley Ball, Men’s Futsal, Women’s Handball, Poco-poco,Dance, 4 x 400 m relay run and 5 km run. SAPPD Men’s Futsal Team advanced to the next round after beating SEEI ITB 2 – 1 on Friday, 15 February 2019. SAPPD Women’s Handball Team also advanced to the next round after beating LAPI-ITB team with the score 3 – 0.

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