A Visit by Students of State High School 3, Jakarta and Nurul Fikri High School, Lembang

School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPD) ITB welcomed high school students and teachers from Jakarta and Lembang on Wednesday, 21 November 2018. The delegation was welcomed at the Multifunction Room, 6th floor of the Sugijanto Soegijoko building, Jl.Ganesha 10, Bandung by a lecturer from Architecture Study Program, Tubagus Muhammad Aziz Soelaiman, ST, MA and a lecturer from Urban and Regional Planning Study Program, Tizar M. Kautsar Bijaksana, ST, MT. The first opportunity was a presentation on SAPPD ITB and Study Program by Architecture Study Program which was started with the history of ITB and the establishment of the current Faculties/Schools.

The next opportunity was a presentation about Urban and Regional Planning Study Program which was started with a movie presentation on the profile of Study Program in the form of visual and graphics presentation which include: new students admission, scientific assessment, skill mastering, rational mindset, as well as the prospects for profession and career in government and private sectors.

Presentation about Urban and Regional Planning Study Program: as a note – this study program accepts new students with background in Natural Science and Social Science (mixed)- the presentation shows that Urban and Regional Study Program has a wider scientific scope than Architecture Study Program. In the beginning, both Urban and Regional Planning and Architecture were part of Civil Engineering. With scientific development and for development needs it was apparent that Development Planning and Management requires not only physical considerations but non-physical as well.

Currently, all study program under SAPPD ITB has been accredited A by the national accreditation board. Some even have been accredited internationally – Architecture by KAAB Korea and Urban and Regional Planning by ASIIN Germany.

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