General Lecture: Thomas Fagernes, Snøhetta

Scandinavian countries, i.e. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland had the chance to visit Bandung as part of Nordic Roadshow agenda. Thomas Fagernes, one of the directors of Snøhetta Architecs delivered a general lecture at ITB East Hall on Wednesday, 25 April 2018. This event is cooperation among Architecture Study Program, SAPPD ITB, ITB International Relation Office (IRO), ITB Public Relation, Bandung Municipal Government, and the embassies of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland in Jakarta.

Snøhetta is an architecture bureau with its main office in Oslo, Norway which has had various international awards, such as Aga Khan Award and awards in various international design competitions. This architecture bureau now employs 200 staffs with branch offices in New York City, San Francisco, Paris, Hongkong, and Adelaide.

In his presentation, Thomas Eagerness described the design philosophy of Snøhetta, i.e. people, process, and context. Architectural design should be the culmination of various thoughts and various points of view, proceed not only through two-dimensional media, but also three-dimensional media by emphasizing on the context and event that will be contained.

The general lecture was attended by 200 participants from students and professionals in Bandung.

Source: Architecture Study Program News

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