End of 2017 Working Meeting, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development ITB

On Wednesday, 20 December 2017, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development ITB held a working meeting at Hotel Intercontinental, Bandung. The meeting, started at 09.30 and ended at 17.00, was attended by SAPPD lecturers and was divided into two sessions, i.e. morning session and afternoon session.  The morning session was started with a report from the Dean of SAPPD consisted of SAPPD activities in 2017 and activities indication/plan for 2018, followed by presentations from the Vice Dean for Resources on SAPPD human resources, SAPPD quality control team, ASIIN team  and the progress of 2013 curriculum of Architecture Study Program. After lunch break, the session was continued by presentation on the progress of curriculum evaluation from Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation, Tourism, Development Studies, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture study programs. Prior to the closing of the meeting and taking picture, discussion and question and answer were held for 45 minutes with Vice Dean for Academic Affairs as moderator. Some important notes from the discussion are plan action of the result/achievement presented in the meeting, a merger of some courses that can be offered to some study programs, accommodation of new science in courses (big data analysis, coding, sustainability and artificial intelligence), program evaluation and discussion on the First Common Year Stage (TPB) model that is appropriate for SAPPD ITB and ITB commitment for the  establishment of the Economics Study Program.


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