Dean of SAPPD Visit to Germany [2], 5-8 November 2017

University of Stuttgart

The second visit as visiting professor continued to University of Stuttgart to MEMENUHI invitation from Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley (Director of Institute of Urbanism and Sustainable Design-IUSD). During the visit, a discussion was held to discuss Summer School activity in Indonesia (Bandung and Yogyakarta). The discussion was also attended by IUSD tutor Yassine Moustanjidi, M.Sc. and International Coordinator of University of Stuttgart, Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Goutrie. This summer school will develop design intervention in the mapping of problems of informality aspects and the potency of the meeting of formal and informal aspects in the design of settlement area. The summer school that will be held in Bandung in October-November 2019 is pioneered by Dr. Amandi Achmadi from Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne, Australia. The selection for the city as the host of the summer school is still being discussed among the three institutions, i.e. University of Malbourne, ITB, and University of Stuttgart.


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