A Visit from Erasmus Huis Director to SAPPD ITB

On Tuesday, 13 December 2016, the Dean of SAPPD ITB, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Widjaja Martokusumo, accompanied by the Chair of the Undergraduate Program in Architecture, Dr. Ing. Heru W. Poerbo and the Chair of Master/Doctoral Program in Architecture, Dr. Eng. Aswin Indraprastha, welcomed Director of Erasmus Huis, Dr. Michael Rauner. Dr. Rauner was accompanied by an alumni of Architecture ITB class of 1993 Anneke Prasyanti, who currently works as an expert on Cultural Heritage Preservation at the Ministry of Tourism. The government of the Netherlands would like to explore the possibility of cooperation in education with ITB related to capacity building in learning and training of the preservation of building and cultural heritage environment (shared heritage) in Indonesia. Dr. Rauner also mentioned that some institutions in the Netherland open up the opportunity for cooperation, including with the Faculty of Architecture, Delft Technical University (DUT). In the discussion some options were offered such as the best options related to training and capacity building model that is expected to be sustainable, including the plan to integrate the program as sub program of one of the study programs (Architecture and/or Urban Design) in SAPPD and short-term plan for the preparation of the program. The discussion was also related to the types of education cooperation such as staff/student mobility (exchange) program, joint studio, and summer camp. The Department of Architecture, SAPPD ITB is currently exploring a joint activity with DUT that in the near future will be written into a memorandum of understanding between the related faculties, SAPPD ITB and Faculty of Architecture, DUT.

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