Meeting between Academic Advisors – Common Preparatory Level (TPB) students and SAPPD 2016 Deanlist

School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development held a meeting between academic advisors – common preparatory level (TPB) students and 2016 SAPPD Dean’s list on Friday, 23 September 2016 at the Multifunction Room, 6th floor of the Labtek IX A building. The meeting was attended by 232 new students, SAPPD leadership, chairs of the SAPPD undergraduate programs, academic advisors of the 2016 undergraduate students, and recipients of 2016 SAPPD Dean’s list.

During the event, the Vice Dean of SAPPD for Academic Affairs, Dr. Denny Zulkaidi delivered a speech followed by presentation of each chair of the Study Program to present information about each study program.

In addition to the meeting between academic advisors with 2016 SAPPD students, the programs included introduction to study program by each respective chair of the study program and the announcement of 2016 Dean’s list for students with the best academic achievement.

The recipients of the 2016 SAPPD Dean’s List are as follow:

A. 2016 Outstanding student  class of 2013

  1. Benedictus Thomas Pradipta/ Student ID 15213099/ARCHITECTURE(GPA:3.78; Average Grade Sem.2 2015/2016 : 3.80)
  2. Ganing Putri Muttaqin/ Student ID 15413092/ REGIONAL AND CITY PLANNING (GPA: 3.70; Average Grade Sem.2 2015/2016 : 4.00)

B. Students with the best average grade class of 2014

  1. Mohammad Thareq Defa/ Student ID 15214011/ ARCHITECTURE (GPA:3.59; Average Grade Sem.2 2015/2016 : 3.95)
  2. Pratiwi Prameswari/ Student ID 15414023/REGIONAL AND CITY PLANNING(GPA:3.96; Average Grade Sem.2 2015/2016 : 4.00)

C. The best student class of 2015 Common Preparatory Level (TPB)

Ardelia Jessica Cungwin/Student ID: 19915174/TPB (GPA:4.00; Average Grade Sem.2 2015/2016 : 4.00)


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