Guest Lecture by Akmalia Zain, Department of Transportation, UAE

On Tuesday, 2 February 2016, at the Seminar Room of the SAPPD building, a lecture was held by Akmalia Zain, ST, MT – an expert staff at the Department of Transportation, Dubai, UAE.
The topic of the lecture was: Rail Project in Middle East; Opportunities for Professionals, and it was attended by graduate students from Architecture, Regional and City Planning, Development Study, and Transportation programs.
Form approximately two hours of presentation and discussion, there are some important things related to opportunities for professionals with SAPPD science background to be active in the international scale.
There are three global trends determining the development of large scale projects, i.e.: urbanism, environmental concern, and technological advance.
In the large scale infrastructure project, the role of the state of government is very significant in determining national policy.
Study in the context of facility planning is very important in infrastructure and transportation projects considering their dynamic and growing nature.
The opportunity to have a career in the global level is wide open for graduates of SAPPD as engineer, project managers, contract managers, etc.

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