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RUT2006 SR-BUK PDF Cetak E-mail

Kajian Bahasa Visual Ruang Publik pada Kasus Arsitektur Vernakular Sunda

Sri Rahayu B.U.K., Dr., Ir., MSA. ; Indah Widiastuti, ST, MT

Riset Unggulan Tahun 2006



Traditional environment particularly vernacular architecture appear as physical built environment which is spontaneously established by indigenous community, and governed according collective rules generated by religion/ kinship, avvaulable natural sources. This order is can be physical in nature and therefore is regarded as visual culture. One among these aspects is visual culture of public space comprising physical artifacts that established public facility, public and communal activity as well as rules and order that govern its operation.
Boundary is an important aspect in Sundanese cultural framework. The most powerfu and obvious cosmic power are concentrated in boundaries. A public space is defind by vertical and horizontal elements. Therefore in sundanese vernacular architecture, boundaries play its important role and value. The visual aspect of boundary will define how intensive the interaction of private and public live in public space.
The usage of public space either in front space, sides, or back side tend to appear m different manner these differences at the end determine meanings on the space for the Sundanese themselves. How the significance the meaning is will define its influences on dwelling behavior and further will be transformed in more plural settings at different living context.
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