WHAT, what does this training mean?

Regional and Urban development always needs the support of transportation infrastructure. The right guideline for transportation infrastructure development will increase (i) efficiency and effectiveness of regional and urban economic development, (ii) equal distribution of access to transportation for general public, and (iii) harmony between regional and urban life and their environment.
This training will direct the participants to obtain strategies in developing regional and urban transportation, such as:

  • Strategies to develop transportation infrastructure to support regional economics
  • Strategies to develop transportation services for poor people.
  • Strategies to develop environmental friendly regional and urban transportation by taking into consideration the aesthetical aspects.
  • Strategies to finance investment, operation, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure in autonomous regions
  • Strategies to implement transportation management for various autonomous regions typologies.
  • Strategies to prepare supporting resources needed, i.e. legal, organization, human resources, and financial aspects.
  • Strategies to implement the points mentioned above with other autonomous regions to achieve win-win solution

WHY, why do you need to participate in this training?

Strategies to develop transportation infrastructure will be increasingly needed along with the shift in the paradigm in the autonomous era, taking into account the shift of most of authorities, responsibilities, and competent from the central government to the autonomous regions; therefore,  autonomous regions are demanded to be able to:

  • Develop transportation as a hierarchical system which is not segmented by administrative boundaries of the autonomous regions.
  • Be self-sufficient in developing transportation infrastructure in the regions, from policy until financing and maintenance.
  • Cooperate well with other autonomous regions in developing transportation infrastructure to achieve a win-win solution taking into account the diversity of characteristic, capability, and interest of each region.

WHO, who can participate in this training?
Participants for this training are from governmental sector, i.e. governor, regent (bupati), mayor, provincial/regency/municipal asssociation, regional parliament (DPRD), regional agencies; private sector and practitioners, i.e. consultant, investor, developer, professional association, chamber of commerce and industry (KADIN), transportation organization (Organda); research community, education sector, advocattion institutions, NGOs, and pers.


HOW, how is the format and the syllabus of the training?

Various strategies of regional and transportation development will be given in several training modules with the topic of discussions (i) training focussing on strategy and policy, and (ii) training focussing on the discussion on methodology and technique. The number and type of training module will depend on the needs and the expected competent.


WHERE, where can this training be held?

This training will be held at the School of Architecture and Policy Development, ITB Building. The training can be held outside ITB if the number of participant is between 20 -50.


WHEN, when will this training be held?

The training duration and schedule are designed to develop perspective of the decision makers and technical staff for 2 (two) days and training in developing methodology and technique for 3 (three) days. The training will be held on the second and fourth week of the month.


Training Instructures

Prof. Dr. Ir. B.S. Kusbiantoro, MA. MSc./Transportation Expert
Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Sujarto, MSc./Urban Expert

Prof. Dr. Ir. Tommy Firman, MSc./Regional Development Expert
Dr. Ir. Widiarto, MCRP./Economic Development and Regional Finance Expert

Ibnu Syabri, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Pradono, SE., M.Ec.Dev., Dr.(Eng)


Assisted by instructures from experienced practitioners and instructures from ITB. For further information, please contact our organizer or website administrator.


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